New sponsor – Calgary Strider

We’d like to welcome our newest sponsor, Calgary Strider!

It’s a revolution!

Perhaps you haven’t heard about one of these amazing little bikes yet but chances are you’ve seen one and just didn’t notice that something was missing.  NO PEDALS.  NO BRAKES.  The no pedal PREbike turns tradition on its head.  Simply put, balance first, pedal later.

The PREbike is revolutionizing the way kids learn to ride a bike.  The Strider ™ PREbike teaches balance, coordination and control and because your child is in charge of the speed and has his or her feet firmly planted on the ground it takes the fear out of riding and replaces it with sheer confidence.  And, best of all they will NEVER need training wheels.

The Strider ™ PREbike weighs in at less than 7lbs, and is free from sprockets, gears and pedals that can often injure young children.   The seat can be adjusted to 11 inches from the ground which allows children as young as 18 months to ride a bike “like the big kids”.  Within a short period of time your child will sit, propel the bike with his or her feet and gradually begin to glide and balance.  They stop, much like they do running or walking, by simply putting their feet down and well, stop.  Most kids between the ages of 2 and 4 cannot pedal, much less brake but they can walk, run and yes, even stop on a dime.

The Strider ™ PREbike has fully integrated Launch Pads ™ which are strategically placed where the pedals would normally be.  This allows your child more freedom and control to manouevre the bike over curbs, up hills, and on almost any kind of “off road” terrain.

The Strider™ PREbike is truly a revolutionary way to learn to ride a bike and the best toy you’ll ever buy your young child!

Feel free to try one out by contacting them at or 403-703-9087 and visit their website to see these amazing little bikes in action!


One thought on “New sponsor – Calgary Strider

  1. We’ve had the Strider Bike for about 1 month now. At first I was very concerned that he wouldn’t want to ride it because he loved his tricycle so much, but now he never touches the tricycle. It only took a week of walking around with the bike before he was doing short glides, now he’s an expert he can glide down hills. Every once and a while he’ll get on his tricycle but then quickly abandon it because it just can’t do the things that the strider can, with the strider he can stop on a dime and whip the bike around (this is good for riding back and forth through puddles) on the tricycle you have to do wide sweeping turns, which just frustrates him now. He can also go in the woods, and up hills, where he just didn’t have the leg strength to pedal the tricycle in the woods or up hills.
    On a personal note I love the Strider it’s very very light, unlike the tricycle, if I have to pick up my son and carry him anywhere the strider is so light that he can carry it while I carry him. I highly recommend this bike.

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