A special thank you

I wanted to send out a heartfelt thanks to all our contributors.

This site would not be what it would be without all of them!  I started this site September 24th, 2011 not really knowing what to expect.  Now that I am 6 months into it I am having a blast!  There are so many great people I have met (some in person but most online) and I feel fortunate to know all these great people.  I wanted let you know some more about the people who are continually providing great information for parents in Calgary!  In case you haven’t checked out our contributors page I wanted to let you know  bit more about these great people:

Allison blogs at Stampin’ When I Can and is quite the crafty girl!!  If you haven’t checked out her site already you really should.  I subscribe to it and am amazed that when I get around to reading through my feed reader she has about 7 updates for me!  This woman is busy and yet still finds time for so many other things – amazing!

Carol is a professional photographer and offers studio and location shoots.  She’s been up to some fun things with her company!

Cori lives just east of Calgary where she blogs about staying active with a family at Read.Write.Run.Mom. This woman is an inspiration!  I follow her on twitter and she goes out for runs in all kinds of weather – I love hearing her updates of runs and hope to one day use some of her inspiration to get out myself!  Check her out and help cheer her on for her new quest of a marathon!

Dana spends her free time reviewing playgrounds and other play spaces over at Calgary Playgrounds Review.  Dana has a great site that is a great resource for when you head out with the kids in Calgary in search for a park/playground.  I personally can’t wait until summer for the outdoor park reviews!

Erin blogs at Dining with Kids in Calgary.  I loved this site the moment I saw it – what a great idea – reviews of restaurants in Calgary that are kid-friendly.  I admit to going to same tried and true restaurant with the kids so look forward to finding more great locations.

Jenn is blogs over at My Life in a Nutshell.  She’s got great photos of the family and has great fun with the kids!

Jennifer blogs at 3 Little Monkeys and is a busy gal.  She bought a house and sold it and if you’ve been following her blog you know the stress involved in that!!  She’s come through it with grace and has such a positive perspective!

Jill is blogs at Meal Plan-it and has some great menus for busy parents. She’s on a quest to feed her family and I highly suggest you follow along for some great recipes and tips!

Kathleen blogs at “a moment 2 think“ and loves to write.  She has a great blog that makes you think and stirs the pot a little too – a great distraction from the parenting chaos!  She’s been nominated for best written blog so be sure to cheer her on when voting starts 🙂

Kim blogs over at Something Awesome in Calgary and is a blogging newbie.  I look forward to reading her posts and she’s a ‘born and raised’ Calgarian which I’ve come to learn are a rarity!  Head on over and leave her some comments.

Merry is blogging about her hectic life over at Merry With Children.  This woman is a socialite!  She’s very active on twitter and in the blogging community.  She single-handedly planned a meetup for Calgary bloggers and is so friendly!  Pop on over to her site and leave her a comment.

Samantha is blogs at The Gastronomic Goat.  If you are looking for some pretty yummy recipes – this is the site!  She’s quite a busy mom as well and now training to be a postpartum doula – way to go Samantha and we hope you’ll still have some time for us 🙂

SamiJoe lives just east of the city and blogs at Peek Thru Our Window.  She is so welcoming and friendly so be sure to head over to her site and give her a little love 😉

Sarah blogs at Lady Mama.  She blogs about pretty much anything in her life.  I love her humor – even when she’s retelling not so humorous parenting moments.  Check her site out for a fun read.

Sharon blogs her crazy journeys at Nanas Button Jar and along with Allison is one of our most frequent contributors.  This woman knows how to fill the days with activities for the kids.  Sometimes I wish I could hire her as my nanny!  She’s crafty and gets out around the city doing many different activities.

Stacey blogs at Willowjak Boys. I have followed her blog for quite a while before really realizing that she was from the same city as me.  Stacey has some great mothering posts so be sure to check out her site.

As you can see we have a great list of bloggers (we’re up to 17 now!) and I sure want to try to meet some of them face to face so expect to see some meetups listed.  As you can see we have such a wide range of parents who blog about so many different topics.

If you’ve started up a blog, have been doing it for a while or just want to start and have no idea where to start please drop us a line by e-mail (kidsincowtown{at}gmail{dot}com) or on twitter (@kidsincowtown) or on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/Kidsincowtown) – we’re always looking for new perspectives and topics!


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