ABC Photo Challenge – G & H

Thanks to those who signed up and decided to join along with me. Feel free to jump in at any point along the way!

Here is another photo tip , thanks to Kids in the Capital again!

Tip #2 – Natural Light

We are fortunate to have so much sunlight in this city!  In fact Environment Canada records Calgary as having an average of 2,405 hours of sunlight a year!  So let’s try to take advantage of it!  Get those cameras out and stop using the flash.  Turn it off (you may need to read your manual as to how to disable it).  Get the kids to play near the windows or doorways of the house or better yet get them outside.  The sun provides beautiful light for photos and you’ll love the look of the pictures.

Here’s a couple shots from this week’s challenge:

G for Great Adventures!

G for Great Adventures

Photo by fourdayshome via Flickr Creative Commons License

H for Handwritting and Helping

H for Handwritting

Photo by fourdayshome via Flickr Creative Commons License

H for Helping

Photo by fourdayshome via Flickr Creative Commons License


For some added incentive to join the photo challenge I have picked up a $25 gift card at Starbucks (out of my own pocket) and will give it to a random participant who posts photos between now and Mar 27, 2011 (April 24th, 2011).  G through X are the scheduled letters for then but again feel free to post for any letter!  So get those cameras out and start taking pictures!

Rules: You must:

a. join the flickr group and post photos OR post to our facebook page

b. post a comment here letting us know that you did.

This giveaway is open to our local Calgary and area readers/contributors.

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