The boys and I have been going to Gymtastics for a couple of years now.  We started when my oldest was 2, which is about the youngest you can start doing programs there.  We usually sign up for a class every winter because they enjoy it so much.

They have parented classes for kids 2-3 and 4-5 become un-parented classes.  The classes are very active and have a nice structure.  They use all parts of the gym and all different kids of equipment.  Also the coaches there are great.  They have cool “kid friendly names” like Crazy Cathy and Tammy Tomato and each one of them is very encouraging and supportive.   Another plus is that they are also very concerned with safety.  Having two boys who horse around it’s nice to know how to properly do a summer-salt, or handstand or skin the cat.  They also have different themes every week, i.e. circus, winter sports, super heros.  This allows them to teach gymnastics skills by using different themes.  For example walking on balance beams like super heros or doing skin the cats like a flying trapeze.  My kids like the stamps they give at the end of each class.

Another real advantage to me is that they run classes for different age groups at the same time.   I really don’t like to take one boy to an activity while the other one just sits there and has to watch.  So with Gymtastics the classes are structured that one parent can be doing the parented class with the youngest while the oldest is doing an un-parented class on the other side of the gym.

In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage to Gymtastics is the cost.  I find it to be kind of expensive.  That is why we only sign up for one session a year and usually in the winter when there is less opportunity to go outside and run off some energy.

All in all it is a great way to get active and have fun with your kids, both the youngest and the oldest.   My oldest is 5 and he still really likes going.  I don’t think that either of them will become champions but it is a a fun and supportive environment to get rid of some extra kid energy.

Jenn is a Wife, Mommy, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Barenaked Ladies Fan and blogs over at My Life in a Nutshell.


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