Another Idea for a Wintry Afternoon…

by Allison

Do you trust your child with your camera? I find it is a great diversion for my kids sometimes…I will send them out at all times of the year to capture pictures of different types of weather, animals and vegetation around our home.

"X" was a's our idea!

One of the “killing-time” ideas I had for my daughter was an A to Z project with the digital camera. She was tasked with going through the home and finding an object to photograph with each letter of the alphabet. This is a project that typically requires guidance (particularly with a preschooler) since the ideas for each object may not come readily. However, I let her hunt around the house and only brainstormed with her (rather than taking her by the hand and doing the project for her). She was able to think of most things on her own and she loved taking pictures.

Note: Since I have established a blog for each of my kids, I saved all the images as a way for her to later recall a day in her life when she was four!

Allison mixes up her day with mothering, working and crafting. She has three wild jackals (also known as children): Tristan who is seven, Charlotte who is five and Avery who just turned two!  She blogs at Stampin’ When I Can.

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