Preschool – a 3rd experience

A couple of years ago I put Lucas is preschool and it was a really great experience.  Originally I was looking at preschool’s based on learning.  But what I seemed to find was that most preschool’s use the learning based on play philosophy.   I was looking for a preschool that was a bit structured i.e. had desks or tables where the kids would sit at and some structure to the day.  Here are some of the other things I considered.

1. Location: I think most people look for something fairly close.  I live in a new community, so there were quite a few choices in our area.

2. Times: When I was researching preschool I found there was some variation in the days and the times.  I wanted something in the mornings and 3 days a week.  The mornings spots do fill up quite quickly.  For many of the preschool we looked at you had to sign up on the first day to get a morning spot.

3.  Cost: For us this was not the most important thing, but it is always a factor.  At the time 3 years ago we paid 140$ a month, but that was one of the most affordable ones we could find.  Most were between 180 and 200 dollars.

In the end we had a really great experience with preschool and our son benefited from the structured learning environment.


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