My Preschool Experience

by Allison

Tristan During Preschool

Both my older two kids went to Green Door Preschool (located in the Trico Centre in the SE). My son started at 3 years, 5 months when the school was under previous management (in 2006). He attended the three-year old program in the afternoon for two days a week, for two and a half hours. The next year he attended the afternoon program for three days a week, for two and a half hours. My son was very energetic and had no problems adjusting to preschool. And funny enough, his class was all boys in his first year!

When it comes to my preschool selection, it was entirely about my convenience (does that sound horrible?). I mean, my son was well socialized and of average to above-average intelligence so I did not have any concerns about his behaviour (in fact, he is one of those boys who is a nut at home but an angel once he hits the school yard). So I was all about picking a school that was close to home and provided him an outlet for all that boyish energy. Given that we also used the Trico Centre for day camps, tumbling and floor hockey, it was a nice easy fit in an environment he was familiar with. The teachers were sensible and fun with a monthly schedule that provided structure without too much rigidity.

When it came to my daughter’s selection, did you think I would send her to a different school especially since I am all about convenience? No way! By the time she started (in 2008 at the age of two years and eight months), I enrolled her in the morning program at Green Door since my son was attending a morning program at a nearby elementary school. Even though she was only two, she was  ready for the challenge (she has always felt a need to keep up with her older brother).

My Charlotte's Preschool Graduation

In 2008, the school was under new management so there was a bit of an adjustment to be made (and really, only us parents required the adjustment since we were used to the previous owner).  My daughter did have some tears for the first couple of weeks when I would drop her off. Once she got into school and into a routine, there was no problem. I blame the tears on a) the new situation, b) the fact I was having a difficult pregnancy and wasn’t able to spend as much time with her during our non-school time and c) my daughter’s need to sometimes attempt emotional manipulation especially if she could use it to get extra attention, food (she is truly motivated by her stomach!), etc.

Our school experience went really well and prepped them both for the socialization and routines that come with elementary school. They had regular exercise, an occasional field trip and lots of special days (crazy hair day, PJ day, etc.) which made it fun (and ain’t that what you want for a three/four year old?).

Note: I have a two-year old who is going to preschool in the fall. She is special needs and I will be spending the upcoming week at an open house and a couple of school visits. I will blog about that experience (as well as all the additional hoops that comes with special needs funding!) in an upcoming post.

Allison mixes up her day with mothering, working and crafting. She has three wild jackals (also known as children): Tristan who is seven, Charlotte who is five and Avery who just turned two!  She blogs at Stampin’ When I Can.


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