Meal Assembly Journey – Part 2 – The Session

meal assembly 2

Couple weeks ago I decided that rather than spending 2 full days in my kitchen cooking/prepping to fill my freezer with meals prior to my return to work that I would sign up for a Meal Assembly Company. Last you heard of this I had researched the local companies and chose Dashing Dishes for the reasons that their meals sound delicious and that I got to be hands on with the prep of my meals. So I signed up (which was a breeze).

Then I waited…

Last night I packed up my cooler and went to my session. The location was easy to find and once inside the building I felt like “Toucan Sam” and followed my nose to the spacious room. The fragrance was awesome; garlic, ginger, spices…mmmm…

The staff were incredibly nice, helpful and attentive. They got me in my apron and bandana and standing at my first station in no time. The format of the meal assembly is you go to a station and fill Ziptop bags with the ingredients needed for a full meal, put on an instruction label and put it in your cooler. Then on to the next… SUPER easy! I had chosen 8 meals and opted for for the “split in half” option (which was no charge). I am glad I did because the portions are HUGE – so at the end of an hour I had 16 meals for my freezer all prepped and ready to go.  FABULOUS!!!!

Oh, did I forget to mention that they carried my cooler out to my car when I was all done?… 🙂

Here are the meals that I made last night:

~ Black Bean Linguine

~ Four Cheese Penne with Tomatoes

~ Korean Beef with Noodles

~ Lentil Sloppy “Jo’s” with Tortillas

~ Mandarin Chicken

~ Pork Chops with Feta and Olive

~ Red Currant Slow Braised Pork with Thyme

~ Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with Sausage

Don’t they sound scrumptious???? I can’t wait to try one/all of my meals!

So, if you are a Mom without a lot of time to cook, or a single person who loathes cooking for one. Really anyone who who like to go spend an hour having some fun, go home and sigh a breath of relief because you have a freezer full of nutritious meals – the idea of meal assembly is PERFECT for you to try. And if doing the work isn’t up your alley, they’ll do it for you, you just pick it up. Seriously couldn’t be easier!!!

Next time you hear about this I will be letting you know how the meals taste… oh I can’t wait!!

This is part II in a meal assembly series.  You can find part I here.

Jill is a soon to be off Mat leave full time working Mum of two young ‘boysterious” boys – Born Dec 2007 and March 2010. She is a meal planning maniac who may not be a chef, but sure loves to cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen as much as her 3 year old will let her and then blog about it on Meal Plan-it. In her “spare time” she is known to be a little crafty.


4 thoughts on “Meal Assembly Journey – Part 2 – The Session

  1. So I tried the Dashing Dishes (well i have not tasted the meals yet) and it is all so true so far…
    Really nice staff, helpful and the meals look delicious.
    I am really excited about not having to “cook” 16 meals in the next few weeks…just as I am about to go back to work.

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