A Great New Book Find

by Sharon

My husband recently returned from a business trip in Toronto and he brought back a great book for Hannah that I want to share with you all.  It is called, “When Daddy Travels” written by Harriet Ziefert.

This book takes a difficult concept like why a parent has to leave town for work, and tells it in a way that is clear for preschoolers.  It uses flaps to show on one side how Daddy is missed during a routine activity back home and on the other side how the family changes their routine while he is gone.  Things like missing Daddy during a nightly bedtime story are addressed by showing the family at home reading a story that Daddy wrote instead.  It also discusses what Daddy does during his trip, like having meetings and sleeping in a hotel.

For those families who have Mommy traveling and Daddy staying home, Ziefert has addressed that too in her companion book appropriately titled, “When Mommy Travels.”

Upon researching the author to see what other books she has written, I found a list of several hundred titles!  I was pleased to see another bedtime favourite of ours, “You and Me: We’re Opposites.”  Ziefert has also written books addressing various life topics such as going to the Dentist, manners, growing up and changing bodies, and the roles that different people play in the family unit.

If you have a family like mine where a parent travels regularly for work, this is a great book to have in your collection.

Sharon is a New England girl who never imagined that she’d find herself living in Canada. She has a wonderful husband and together they created a Diva Monster. Follow her on her crazy journeys at Nanas Button Jar!!

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