Boy’s Birthday Cake

by Danielle

I decided that for my son’s birthday a truck was in order.  He’s 2 and trains and trucks are his favorite.  So I made a pretty simple cake with not too much prep time.  I baked an apple spice cake from this recipe.  It was VERY well received by the kids and especially the adults.  I also baked a chocolate cake from Better Homes and Gardens.  For the apple cake I used an 8X8 inch pan.  Once I had those baked I cut the apple cake in half and used buttercream icing to stack them on top of each other like the box of a truck.  I took the chocolate cake and cut it in 4 squares.

I stacked 2 squares on top of each other and then took a 3rd square and cut it lengthwise and stacked those 2 on top of each other and then on top of the first 2 squares.  You end up with the following:

Then I got a piece of cardboard and cut it the length of the cab and box plus the cab and the width of the box.  I wrapped it in tinfoil and put a dab of icing on it and put the cake pieces on it.  Then I iced the cake.  I found wooden rectangle blocks in the kids toys and dabbed some icing on them and placed them under the cardboard where wheels would be on a truck.  The I took icing and stuck on oreo cookies as wheels.  I got black licorice and cut pieces as a bumper and some after eight mints from Christmas were perfect pieces for the windows!  Once I put it all together it looked like this:

As for the yellow hard hats.  I tried my hand at Bakerella’s cake pops.  I failed miserably at getting them on sticks but they still worked as simple cake balls.  I shaped balls and then pulled the cake down on one end to look like the front of a hat.  I poured yellow candy melts on them and then piped little lines on the top.  These were the biggest hit of the party and a nice portion size for kids!  For presentation I poured oreo crumbs on the platter and placed the hats in the “mud”.

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs over at fourdayshome.


6 thoughts on “Boy’s Birthday Cake

  1. That is so cool! I’ve heard those cake pops are really hard to do 😉 I’m always looking for ideas for my boy’s birthday cakes, and this one looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  2. In the interest of time I resorted to the cake mix and icing so the icing had quite a bit of oil in it. If I had more time I would make my own cream cheese icing and mix less in with the cake mix to make a harder ball to work with. It’s all in getting the right consistency for it to stay on the stick. Tim’s timbits work great too dipped in melts…

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