Calgary Airport

by Dana

The airport is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you are thinking of places to play. But it has a surprising number of activities for kids. They are all free, but the parking isn’t cheap (the long term parking at the parkade – $4/30  min max $24 is your best bet). But if you have more than one kid, or carpooled with a friend it wouldn’t be too far off of admission to an indoor play place. It’s no the cheapest place to visit, but it’s great for a change of pace. Gordie loves it there and so does my husband.

The biggest draw to the airport is obviously airplane watching and there are a couple of areas where you can look out onto the tarmac. There are three different play areas in addition to little kiosks that you can find throughout the airport with play panels. There’s also a lot of different displays that are really well done by places like the zoo and the Royal Tyrrell Museum if you take a walk around the baggage carousels on the arrivals level.

The Spaceport is located on the 3rd floor by the food court. It has a space themed toddler play area, video games, interactive exhibits, NASA artefacts which are all free to access as well as 4 simulators that you can experience for a fee.


On the 2nd floor (WestJet/Terminal D) there’s a play area with a large climbing structure, two sets of panels for toddlers, a big TV and large windows for watching planes both on the ground and in the sky.

airport 1

There’s also  a small Badlands themed preschool playground on the 1st floor (International Arrivals Terminal C) with a TV, hoodoo climbers and a few panels inside a little house.

airport 2

On warmer days the Edward H. Laborde airport viewing area (McKnight Blvd and 15 St NE)  is a great place for having a picnic while plane watching, or you can watch from your car if it’s too chilly.

For more information visit their website:


Dana is a mom of a 1.5 year old boy. She spends her free time reviewing playgrounds and other play spaces over at Calgary Playground Review.

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