by Danielle

A favorite Boxing day tradition of ours is to get out to the hills.  The milder weather is perfect for this!  We bundle the kids up and chuck the sleds in the back of the truck and head to the hill.  In the past we have always headed to the Glamorgan Park hill on 46 Ave SW since it’s nice a small for the little ones.  It’s enough of a rush for them and not too much of a trek back up for us adults!  This year however we recently ventured out to a new hill.  I checked the list from our post from Calgary’s Child to find a new hill.  The kids are bigger now so we tried the Kingsland Dry Pond at 502 Heritage Dr SW.  This is a great hill!  It was a bit of a trek up the hill for each run and I have to admit to not being able to pull 2 kids on a sled up it, but the kids loved the ride down.  It is a pretty big hill for young kids and there were older kids who were also enjoying the hill.  A couple snowboarders were practicing at the bottom of the hill so it seemed to be enjoyed by many.  There was a ramp at the top for brave souls to try out as well.  There was a lot of room even if it was busy.

As for sleds we have 2 different kinds.  We have the traditional Canadian tire special wooden toboggan and a plastic snow glider.  We bought a pad for the wooden toboggan and use it in both sleds.  I prefer the wooden one.  You don’t feel all the bumps on the rear end as much as with the plastic.  It also seemed to go faster down the hill.  The plastic is nice to keep feet in tough since it has a lip and the kids are able to stay sitting in it.  My son falls off the wooden one regularly.

After sledding we like to have a traditional hot chocolate.  We pull out the fire pit in the backyard and have a small fire and huddle around it with hot chocolate (provided the weather is mild enough for this).  This year we may just try out SamiJoe’s apple cider as well!

Which are your favorite hills in/around the city?  And what type of sled do you use?

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and (almost) 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs at Four Days Home.

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