Killing Time in -40C

I found this this activity book “Search for Santa” the last time I went to Costco (this was a giant size pad. I have found it online in a regular size as well). It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” for the holiday season (and they did have other books with snowmen and the like).

I bought it for the kids and I to do together as an after-school activity since they both (at seven and five) need to take a minute to calm down after the frenetic pace of the day (especially during the holiday season). Most importantly, it allows me to start dinner in the kitchen while they work on it at the table (I flit back and forth between tasks).

This book has a beginner section at the top with images for the younger one to find and a list of worded items down the side for my older one to find. It gets us in the spirit, allows for some shared entertainment  (a rare thing for my two squabblers!) and is a good cognition/reading activity. Although you may not find the same item (you know how everything flies out of Costco!), something similar may be a valuable “quiet activity” in your household.

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