Toddler Art Party

by Danielle

I like to do activities for birthdays.  It keeps the kids busy and entertained long enough before the sugar highs kick in!  Last year it was gingerbread decorating, this year it was an art painting party.

I got lots of ideas from One Charming Party and Frost Me!  The invitations were paint palattes with an invitation to come to an art gallery opening where you get to help the Birthday girl finish her masterpiece!  So come prepared to get messy!

I decorated the room like a gallery by taping all my daughter’s art on the walls.

I started off the party with adult small T-shirts from Michaels (they had a sale 2 for $7 so I stocked up) and let the kids draw on them with fabric pens.  Then they had a great paint smock to cover up with.

For the painting I prepped the house by removing the furniture from the living room and buying $1 plastic tablecloths to tape on the floor and a roll of craft paper taped on the wall.  I got a pack of canvases on sale at Michaels (7 for $10) and then had a bucket full of paint brushes, sponges, painting knives and other tools along with acrylic paints.  We took away all paints labelled with cadmium and/or lead.  For paint palates we used wax paper and tucked it under the canvas that leaned against the draft paper on the wall.  The kids picked colours and went wild with the tools and designs on their canvases.  They loved it!

The cake was decorated to look like a paint palate with paint splotches and a brush.  I used a marshmallow fondant to drape it over the cake to look like a drop sheet.

The surprise for the kids though was when we cut into the cake.  It had 6 layers of colours.

I simply baked 6 cake mixes with food colouring added before baking.  It was a great hit with the kids!

For favors I picked up some art supplies during school sales so each kid left with their T-shirt, their beautiful painting, a little set of paints, a small canvas, a coloured pen and some stickers.

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and (almost) 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs at Four Days Home.


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