Tablecloth DIY

by Sharon

Last Thanksgiving I had a decorating disaster, and after receiving so many compliments on my solution, I decided to share it with all of you.

While planning out my table settings, I realized that I didn’t have coordinating tablecloths that would fit over both my regular dining room table and my folding table.  I searched high and low for some that would fit both my tables and my budget.  I don’t know about all of you, but I refuse to pay a small fortune for a piece of fabric that is only used a few times a year, and with kids in the house, will likely end up stained after just one use.

So, here’s the solution that I came up with…don’t shop at the department stores for tablecloths.  Instead, visit your local fabric store!  For me, this meant a trip to IKEA, knowing that their fabric tends to be a bit thicker and very reasonably priced.

To know how much fabric you need, simply measure your table and add on to the width and length the overhang you’d like.  When purchasing your fabric, think about the pattern on it.  The one I used had a beautiful flower design on it, and I wanted to be able to center the flower on the table.  This meant buying a bit extra so I could play around with it.  You’ll also need an extra half-inch, or so, on each side for hemming, so you may want to round up on the measurements.  Keep in mind, there is no magic formula for making tablecloths, so be creative and take a chance.

Once you have your fabric bought, you will need to wash it, dry it, iron it, and lay it out on your table.  Lay it out the way you want, and mark where you need to hem it.  If you have more than an inch to hem, grab your scissors and get trimming.  Once it is the right size, fold over the edges about a ¼-inch.  I like to iron my folds so they stay when I’m sewing…I need fewer pins this way.  Then pin your edge over and sew along all four edges.  For a more finished edge that won’t unravel when you wash it, fold the hem over one more time about ¼ of an inch, and repeat the process.  This will tuck all of your cut edges under so you get that “professional” look. 

I have gotten more compliments on how perfect my tablecloths are for my tables.  No one ever believes that I made them myself!   This project would also be great if you need to match a theme or color scheme for a party.  There are so many fabric options available to choose from, the possibilities are endless!!

Happy sewing!!

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