12 days of holiday safety tips

This is a great list from the Calgary Police twitter feed that we think everyone should take note of before heading out this holiday season

On the 1st day of Christmas…Valuables in your car

On the 2nd day of Christmas…Strangers

  • Holiday Tip 8: Talk to youth about “stranger danger” http://ow.ly/3ieow
  • Holiday Tip 9: Teach kids to tell a store clerk or mall security if they become separated from you
  • http://ow.ly/3ieyO
  • Holiday Tip 10: Never leave kids alone in the car http://ow.ly/3ieI5
  • Holiday Tip 11: Ensure your kids know your phone number in case they need to reach you http://ow.ly/3if1z
  • Holiday Tip 12: Splitting up from the kids to shop? Establish a meeting place indoors; not in the parking lot or doorways.
  • Holiday Tip 13: For younger ages, use a safe word http://ow.ly/3ighm

On the 3rd day of Christmas…Safe Driving

On the 4th day of Christmas…Online Shopping

  • Holiday Tip 20: keep your information safe when shopping online http://ow.ly/3j8ML
  • Holiday Tip 21: Type the online store’s URL, do not browse online retailers through a search enginehttp://ow.ly/3j8RZ
  • Holiday Tip 22: Use different passwords for each site http://ow.ly/3j8Wc

On the 5th day of Christmas…Scams

  • Holiday Tip23: Identify fraudulent scams to stay away from http://ow.ly/3keMZ
  • Holiday Tip 24: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is http://ow.ly/3keP2
  • Holiday Tip 25: Take precaution when meeting a buyer or seller. You don’t know who they are http://ow.ly/3keQ7
  • Holiday Tip 26: Arrange to meet the buyer/seller at a neutral, public place; don’t go alone http://ow.ly/3keRC
  • Holiday Tip 27: Check out callers by requesting written information, call back number http://ow.ly/3keTe
  • Holiday Tip 28: Do some research online to get to know the scams that are out there http://ow.ly/3keUK
  • Holiday Tip 29: Report fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501 or info@antifraudcentre.ca

On the 6th day of Christmas…Donating money

  • Holiday Tip 30: Be smart about giving donations to canvassers http://ow.ly/3keXL
  • Holiday Tip 31: Ask for legitimate identification – only donate to registered charities http://ow.ly/3keYu
  • Holiday Tip 32: Contact the Canada Revenue Agency to see if a charity is registered http://ow.ly/3keZx
  • Holiday Tip 33: If approached by someone suspicious, call police at 403-266-1234 http://ow.ly/3kf24
  • Holiday Tip 34: Don’t feel pressure to donate right away – ask for information on how to give later http://ow.ly/3kf3L

On the 7th day of Christmas…Sending gifts

  • Holiday Tip 35: Take precautions when sending gifts
  • Holiday Tip 36: Don’t send cash in the mail http://ow.ly/3kPHs
  • Holiday Tip 37: Communicate with your recipient to ensure they are expecting a parcel http://ow.ly/3kPK4
  • Holiday Tip38: When sending a gift, consider using registered mail or a courier that can be tracked & insured http://ow.ly/3kPQH

On the 8th day of Christmas…Break-ins

  • Holiday Tip 39: keep your home safe from break-ins http://ow.ly/3lw5I
  • Holiday Tip 40: Put ladders used for putting lights up away, so criminals can’t use them to climb in http://ow.ly/3lwbq
  • Holiday Tip 41: Don’t display gifts in a window or doorway http://ow.ly/3lwhk
  • Holiday Tip 42: Properly dispose of gift packaging and boxes http://ow.ly/3lwmn
  • Holiday Tip 43: Don’t advertise the contents of your home to thieves http://ow.ly/3lwqH
  • Holiday Tip 44: Don’t leave gift packaging and boxes outside for all to see http://ow.ly/3lwvi

On the 9th day of Christmas…away from home

  • Holiday Tip 45: Secure your home before you go away http://ow.ly/3mblf
  • Holiday Tip 46: Put lights, radios and TVs on variable timers http://ow.ly/3mbn8
  • Holiday Tip 46: Have someone stay inside your home for a while each day if possible http://ow.ly/3mbpG
  • Holiday Tip 47: Have someone collect mail and shovel your walks http://ow.ly/3mbs6
  • Holiday Tip 48: If leaving a vehicle outside, have someone move it periodically http://ow.ly/3mbve
  • Holiday Tip 49: Lock-up tools, BBQs and ladders and make sure they are out-of-sight http://ow.ly/3mbxZ
  • Holiday Tip 50: Lock and check doors and windows http://ow.ly/3mbCt
  • Holiday Tip 51: Leave shades and blinds in normal positions http://ow.ly/3mbNO
  • Holiday Tip 52: Turn off the ringer so no one knows your home is empty http://ow.ly/3mbQn
  • Holiday Tip 53: Don’t leave outgoing phone, e-mail or social media messages saying you’re away http://ow.ly/3mbUp
  • Holiday Tip 54: Read and follow your home insurance policy to maintain your coverage http://ow.ly/3mbYk

On the 10th day of Christmas…your neighbourhood

On the 11th day of Christmas…domestic violence


  • Holiday Tip 63: recognize domestic violence and take action http://ow.ly/3naZl
  • Holiday Tip 64: It takes a community to address domestic violence http://ow.ly/3nb3j
  • Holiday Tip 65: It’s important to call 911 for help when a crime’s in progress or 403-266-1234 after the fact http://ow.ly/3nb5V
  • Holiday Tip 66: The holidays can be a stressful time which can lead to a point of crisis http://ow.ly/3nbph
  • Holiday Tip 67: It’s important for people to seek help before they get to the point of crisis http://ow.ly/3nbuN
  • Holiday Tip 68: The goal of the Domestic Conflict Unit is to prevent domestic homicide http://ow.ly/3nbz2
  • Holiday Tip 69: Find out more about domestic violence http://ow.ly/3nbSQ
  • Holiday Tip 70: Getting families help is the top priority for police when dealing with domestic abuse http://ow.ly/3nbYU

On the twelfth day of Christmas…drinking safely



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