A Fall Trip to the Zoo

by SamiJoe,

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!

Having fun around Cowtown would not be complete without a trip to the Calgary Zoo!  (The All Year Pass is worth its weight in gold–roughly costing two trips to the zoo!)   No matter which destination you choose (Africa, Australia, The Canadian Wild), the zoo has something for just about everyone!
This year, we took an end of Fall trip to see the last days of the Dinosaur exhibit- complete with moving, roaring dinosaurs.  At other zoos, dinosaurs might seem like a rather odd thing to include;  however, in Alberta, dinosaurs really are important to our history (think-oil!).  One cannot be had without the other.  The kids said their goodbyes to an awesome exhibit and then we were off to meetup with some friends, to further tour the zoo.  (Dinosaurs ALIVE ended October 31, 2010)
Choosing a fall day was perfect!  The sun was shining and all of the animals were out to enjoy it!  The crowds were thinner than for a summer day, leaving us plenty of room to feel like we had the animals all to ourselves.
The zoo was still constructing a new exhibit, slated to be a chilly, ice cube adventure playzone for some new Penguin friends.  Guess we’ll have to wait till next year for this!  We also witnessed the beginning setup of Zoolights!  An early glimpse of this light splendour is enough to convince one to comeback for the annual event.
The Calgary Zoo makes things pretty easy for us these days.  Simply print off your admission from home to avoid waiting in lines.  There are also many various ways to save–CAA, AirMiles, Co-op Value Plus etc.  No matter the time of year, you’ll find loads of things to see and do at the Calgary Zoo!

Make sure it is a place on your list!

SamiJoe is a country-living MommyO with two bubs: Beebo (girl, age 4.5yrs) and Xman (boy, age 2.5yrs).  We love venturing in the BIG CITY to explore new places, as much as we love playing in the mountains!  Just see what we get up to!!  She blogs at Peek Thru Our Window.


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