Glorious Holiday Cookies

by Jill

Who doesn’t love putting out a plate of delicious assorted holiday cookies for company? There is something so comforting and nostalgic about holiday cookies, not to mention, your guests look at you in amazement… “Where do you find the TIME to bake all these wonderful treats?”

And that’s when your little secret comes out because you DIDN’T have the time to bake all these amazing cookies, and really who has time to bake 10 different batches of goodies, while handling the kids, the house, your job, the to-do lists, the decorations, the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking, the cleaning, and everything else that the holidays throw at us?

What’s your secret? The Holiday Cookie Exchange…

Here’s the idea… a few ladies get together. You set a number of participants; each person bakes a dozen cookies of the same recipe for each person. You then get together and exchange your cookies, so after the meeting you walk away with a dozen of each kind of cookie.

For example… there’s 10 of you getting together, bake 10 dozen of one type of holiday treat/cookie in the end you end up with 10 dozen different cookies! And why not make it a party and have a nice get together with the gals and have some much needed fun?

So with one afternoon of work, you end up with what looks like a week’s worth of baking and you look like the holiday superhero!

But there ARE catches… isn’t there always?

The treat needs to be able to be frozen so it can be savoured over the holiday. Also it needs to be packed so it can be transportable and fit easily into a freezer – 10 dozen cookies take up quite a bit of space in your freezer. The best and most cost effective way… Zip top Freezer Bags. And lastly, you need to make sure of any allergies such as peanut, because you want everyone to enjoy all the cookies without having to worry.

There are many websites that give you the “how to” if you want to host an exchange. The “meat and potatoes” of an exchange is to send out the invites, ask for responses with the name of the cookie the participant will be bringing (and recipe if you wish to distribute at the party). You can set a cap of how many people can join that way everyone knows right off the bat how many dozen to bring. Decide what kind of event you want, simple drop off and coffee chat, an evening with cocktails, with kids, sans kids, snacks, potluck, games, ornament exchanges… the possibilities are endless, just remember to have FUN. The holidays can be too stressful and hectic, let this be a joyful event.

Need a recipe? Check out for some good ideas: Christmas Cookies – Top 25 Recipes or Kicked Up Cookie Recipes – Christmas Cookies

To check out what I’m making this year go to my Meal Plan-it Post


Happy Baking!

Jill is a soon to be off Mat leave full time working Mum of two young ‘boysterious” boys – she blogs at Meal Plan-it.


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