Stir Crazy Family Fun Centre in NE Calgary

by Dana

Stir Crazy Family Fun Centre opened this year in the Sunridge area just off of 16th Avenue (3355 Sunridge Way NE). We visited for the first time shortly after it opened and we’ve been back several times since. It costs $7-9 for admission. Adults are now free and so are children under 1. Children and adults are both stamped with matching numbers that are checked upon leaving.

The diner themed concession has pre-prepared sandwiches and salads that you can selected from of the fridge and as well as other items similar to what you can get at a 7-11. We’ve eaten there a couple times and the sandwiches and cupcakes were  quite tasty.

There are three main play areas: a toddler area for children 3 and under; the mellow yellow room (a quiet play area) for children 3 and over; and the highlight the large play structure.  The toddler area is separated from the large play structure and has comfy seats and wireless internet access. It’s not super big and sometimes particularly just before lunch it can get kind of crowded. When it’s not too crowded my son has a lot of fun there but I wouldn’t expect kids older than 2 to want to spent their whole time there.

I haven’t gone into the mellow yellow room as my son is too young but I have taken a peek while we’ve been there. Although it’s often quite tidy, sometimes children get inside without their parents and it can become quite a mess with dolls and dinosaurs everywhere.

The first time I went, my son played in the toddler area while I watched. However, I had a whole lot more fun in subsequent trips running around with my son in the large play structure. I highly recommend it. It is very adult friendly – you can  go through much of it standing. A friend of mine was even able to navigate parts of it carrying her 6 month old!

Children under 3 are expected to be accompanied in the large play structure. From my experience this is a good rule as my 1.5 year old and my friends 2 year old both needed a fair bit of assistance in some areas of the play structure and could easily find themselves ‘lost’ inside. Even my friend’s 3.5 year old appreciated having a grown-up with her so she didn’t have to worry about getting lost and could be more adventurous.

For more information visit their website:


Dana is a mom of a 1.5 year old boy. She spends her free time reviewing playgrounds and other play spaces over at Calgary Playground Review.


One thought on “Stir Crazy Family Fun Centre in NE Calgary

  1. My kids love it here, and I am finding it a nice place to be. I find it a little too busy around 11:00, but it doesn’t stay uncomfortably busy for too long. The times that I have had lunch there we enjoyed the food. As it is a rather new establishment, they have had some kinks, but I am pleased with the way they are working them out!

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