Where to find what to do

by Danielle

When deciding what to do with the kids I go through several venues. I pick up any pamphlets and magazines I can find that have listings of things to do with the kids.

One of my favorites is Calgary’s Child. I pick mine up at the city pool and at the beginning of every month I go through their calendar of events and highlight the things I’d like to see.

I recently found the family fun Calgary blog and it also has great events listed as well as categories.

The City of Calgary’s site has updates for city events on the mail blog updates and the Living section.

Travel Alberta has great festival guides that come out seasonally that are worth checking out.

Allison recently brought my attention to Calgary Playground Reviews site. It’s a great resource for playgrounds and provides reviews to let you know where you can find parks with features you and your kids enjoy!

I’ve also heard of several places from TV morning shows and radio morning and after work shows.

The main place where I hear about great things to do though is on Facebook and Twitter.¬† Find Calgary tweeps and you’ll hear about great upcoming events! And then come back here and let us know what you thought about it!


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