Photo courtesy of CBC


If there’s two things I feel strongly about teaching my kids it’s to ‘vote’ and to ‘remember’.  It’s important to remember our roots and to know how fortunate we really are.  I want my kids to understand the importance of Remembrance day.  I remember very well as a child partaking in the school ceremonies and watching the events on TV with my parents at 11a.m.  I lived in France for a year as a child and remember attending the village remembrance ceremony that made me very proud to be a Canadian.  They were honoring ‘our’ soldiers!  That is even more reason for our own country to honor them!  Kids in the Capital have a great post about explaining the importance of this holiday with your kids.

Memorial drive has doubled the number of crosses they had erected last year for a very impressive memorial.  1,500 may not seem like a large number but by taking the kids here, they will get the true sense of the number of soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for us.  The crosses are just west of the Centre street bridge on the north side of Memorial.  Take a moment to point them out next time you drive along that road with the kids.  Or better yet, take them to see them.  Flag ceremonies continue every day at dusk and dawn until Remembrance day.


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