A wildlife adventure in the comfort of the mall

by Danielle

If you have not made a visit with the kids to Bass Pro, you must!  I have to admit when I first heard about the place I had NO interest in stepping foot in the doors.  A hunting store??  I am not a hunter.  I feel uncomfortable around guns.  And a store full of camo really isn’t my thing!  But when Cross Iron Mills opened and several friends were telling me it was worth it I had to take a look.  I was amazed!

It’s a free museum for the kids!  When you first step in the front lobby it is set up like a huge lodge with animal heads and woodwork that always had the kids exclaim “wow” when they walk in.  And then you get into the main part of the store….wow!  Look up at the ceiling and you will see mountains with all kinds of animals climbing along the edge.  There’s an animal everywhere you look!  Take a look at the clothes section and you’ll see an entire heard of caribou jumping over the clothing racks to escape a wolf nipping at their heels.  And then there’s the large fish tank – the elevator is behind it so be sure to head to the 2nd floor so you can feel like you are in an aquarium.  The bridge heading under the waterfall is yet another detail not left out.  There are fish swimming in the little pond below the waterfall.  My kids are also always attracted to the lights and sounds of the kiddie shooting range despite my urge to run every time I see it!  Upstairs you can view more animals and birds flying from the celing.  Since the animals are stuffed it really is an amazing site for the kids to see.  As you leave the opposite entrance into the mall there are large large moose – make sure you have your kids count the antler points to find out how old the animals are.

On top of all the animals they have several events for the kids.  At Christmas they have photos with Santa and the times I have been there there has never been a line up – perfect if you find the other malls’ lines too long.  They often have crafts for the kids as well.  Be sure to check out their site before heading down for a visit to see if there’s anything happening.

Danielle is mom to a 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.


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