A walk in Griffith Woods

by Danielle

I love this park!  The park is in the SW community of “Discovery Ridge”.   There’s a small parking lot and the trails take off from there.  The main path follows the river and the neighbourhood and is also a favourite of dog owners.  The kids love it just for that reason.  There are also smaller trails heading off the paved trail that bikes tend to use.  We’ve ventured on to some of them only to find bridges washed out from flooding in previous years and are impassable with strollers (there are also signs asking you to stay to the main trails).  The river bank has some nice areas you can walk down to for the kids to throw pebbles into the water and get some great fall photos!  The colours are breathtaking as the leaves start to change colours.

The park itself is full of nature for the kids.  Why not take a nature hike – collect leaves and try to identify different types of trees and plants – just be sure to leave everything in the park when you leave.  My daughter finds it fascinating to study the trees that have been felled by the beavers in the area.  It really is quite amazing what they can do to a tree!

So next time you’re headed out to a park check out Griffith Woods for something new.

Location: Discovery Ridge Cove S.W.

Danielle is mom to a 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.


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