Crafty Kid Sites I Subscribe To!

by Allison

I am a hard-core crafter and as such, my kids are constantly getting into my stuff! To keep them out of my most beloved items, I like to have ideas on hand that they can do with only a minimum of supervision (and coloring sheets ain’t gonna do it when there are punches, ink and a die-cut machine “just over there” in Mommy’s craft room).

To mentally bookmark ideas for reference, I subscribe to sites that update regularly with original, crafty ideas. (I subscribe directly through Feedblitz so that they come to Inbox. If I have to go looking each day, I can guarantee the day will run away from me before I know it!) Here are some “ol’ reliables”:

I got my kids to make Halloween favours for their classes based on this idea here…aren’t they fun? I know if I was a kid, I would be giddy to get one of these!

Halloween Favours
Halloween Favours
And if you have some fun sites to share, please do so in the comments section…we moms have to look out for each other (particularly around the “witching hour”!).

Allison mixes up her day with mothering, working and crafting. She has three wild jackals (also known as children): Tristan who is seven, Charlotte who is four and Avery who is 22 months.  She blogs at Stampin’ When I Can.


6 thoughts on “Crafty Kid Sites I Subscribe To!

  1. Darn. Now you are making me want sugary stuff. I love sour patch kids. I will be saving this idea for the new grand kidlet. I don’t know if I could handle tazkids all day long again.

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