Where the dinosaurs once roamed…

by Danielle

If there’s a day trip from Calgary that is a must it is Drumheller.  We head every time company visits.  Being a prairie girl, I love the drive.  It is about 1.5 hours but the time seems to pass fairly quick.  The drive out shows Alberta at it’s finest.  The flat flat prairies, cattle farms and small towns with rich history and there’s the badlands.  They appear out of nowhere – and if you head in a dusk or dawn the colours are breathtaking (not that I recommend either of those times with kids!).  As you head into town the kids will spot dinosaur statues – daughters favorite is the blue one with white flowers.  The information building is actually an enormous T-Rex.

I have to admit that we never actually spend time in drumheller. If you follow the signs out-of-town you’ll head out to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  We always manage to spend the whole day here.  The exhibits are extensive and so fascinating to both kids and adults.  We like to show our kids the exhibits on how the bones were found – just imagine being a kid and stumbling upon bones – that’s truly how many of them were found and quite recently too.  The museum has amazing skeletons for the kids to view and in the summer there are many walking tours and talks which are well worth catching.  My son was amazed by it all but I will warn you there are some kids (like my daughter) who seem to have a fear that these creatures will start walking around us…it just goes to show how ‘real’ they are!

There’s plenty of room outside for picnic lunches with a climbing structure and there’s a cafeteria as well.  Be warned that in the summer the place is packed!  Parking is harder to get as the day goes on but there are plenty of lots, strollers might be needed to make the trek to the building.

On your way out of Drumheller be sure to stop at horseshoe canyon.  Depending how late you leave you might catch the sunset over the canyon and will be able to marvel at the vivid colours!

What is it that your kids love most about dinosaurs?

Danielle is mom to a 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.


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