Construction sites

by Danielle

You know how the saying goes and pretty much every city tries to claim as theirs.  “There are 2 seasons in Calgary: winter and construction”.  Regardless where the saying came from it seems to hold in the city these days.  There is a lot of road construction happening.  I’ve had to adjust driving times to account for it and though it slows the traffic and people get impatient there’s not much we can do about it.  With a young son I see it differently now.  We drive Sarcee Trail SW every day and the ongoing work there is astonishing.  Glenmore Trail and 37th Street is another favorite spot of my son’s.  My son squeals with delight every time we pass the ‘diggers’.  Today the forms for the bridge are going up and eventually the C-train will go over the road.

I never really realized how little I knew in terms of construction terminology.  As my son ask “wha dat?” I answer with “umm that a d…dig…ger um…yeah”.   So after a little homework here is what I have armed myself with for construction sites around Calgary (All photos are from Wikipedia Heavy Equipment):

1. Excavator – This is the machine with the ‘long arm’.  My son loves this one.

2. Bulldozer – this pushes the dirt.  The hill on the West side of Sarcee was crawling with these type of machines last week.

3.  Crane – they lift things.  These are easy to spot and are often seen in the downtown.

4. Wheel Loader (front) – this is what my son calls the “digger” and is seen on pretty much every corner.

5. Dump Truck – This one I actually get right every time 😉

There many other machines around the city’s construction sites but these should get you started and if you want to show the kids what they do this site has a cute book to show them.

The bonus of construction is that you are often crawling along or stopped in traffic and can point out the different machines to the kids or play a game of ‘I spy’ and have them find them.  And if your kids are like mine they will amaze you at how quickly they learn the proper terms and correct you every time you slip!

What heavy equipment machinery is your kid’s favorite?

Danielle is mom to a 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.


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