Bike Riding at the Canmore Nordic Centre

by Allison

Ave's First Bike RideHello everyone! Allison here, a new contributor at the “Kids in Cowtown” blog. I have three kids: an active seven-year old boy, a four-year old girl interested in music and fashion (her words) and a 22 month old girl (who is developmentally delayed due to a congenital heart defect [since repaired] and mild cerebral palsy). When faced with three kids with such divergent abilities and tastes, it can be a real challenge to find activities we can all enjoy. Lately, my husband and I have been taking the kids on bike rides. For those we try in our neighbourhood and nearby Fish Creek Park, our older two ride their bikes. (Note: My four-year old is reluctant to ride anything other than her “big wheel” which I totally recommend if you have a child who is leery of training wheels). For those further afield, we both take a girl in our bike carriers and our seven-year old boy rides his bike (this is essential when you have a boy who bounces off the walls).

Recently we made the drive to Canmore to the Nordic Centre (you remember…where the cross-country events from the ’88 Olympics were held!). My husband had read that there were some nice easy paved trails that we could attempt (especially since we had to keep the needs of our boy in mind). What fun! Not only that but, as the kids grew, there were more challenging (and off-road) trails we could try to keep it exciting. And, to the delight of both boys (i.e., husband and son), there were some jumps set up! Needless to say, us girls just held back and watched them (with the first aid kit at the ready!).

The facilities are terrific. Clean, modern and nicely laid out, the centre’s lodge had places to rest and well-stocked bathrooms (vital for our messy kids!). Moreover, the trails were all readily marked with the same signs you would expect to see at any downhill or cross-country ski location (e.g., green, blue and black runs). As such, we could gauge the trails worth avoiding (especially when you are lugging a kid around in a bike carrier!).

If you go, plan your visit with these links: Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park (Find the bike trail map here.) And, walk the kids over to Spray Lake and drink in the beauty of the clear water and Three Sisters mountain range. Plus, there are lots of rocks around for those kids to pitch into the water!

Allison mixes up her day with mothering, working and crafting. She has three wild jackals (also known as children): Tristan who is seven, Charlotte who is four and Avery who is 22 months.  She blogs at Stampin’ When I Can.


One thought on “Bike Riding at the Canmore Nordic Centre

  1. I haven’t done much biking on this trail before (but i have been there to x-country ski!), but i like that it is paved. Just right for the kidlets on small bikes!
    Will have to squeeze in a trip before the whitestuff falls!

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