Kids In Cowtown – Our History And Our Team

Kids In Cowtown was started by Danielle who was awesome at creating exciting posts about things that she was doing with her kids in and around Calgary over the last couple of years. She had brought on a team of women who blogged about many different events and activities as well as deals that could be had by local parents. In about July of 2011 Danielle had become quite busy with raising a family and other responsibilities and had posted that she would like to pass the site onto someone who had the time to keep up with it.

In late December of 2011 I became aware of Kids In Cowtown while doing some online research. I was intrigued by the ongoing interaction of women from our area even though there had not been any updates in several months. As a writer and a blogger I felt confident that I could develop a team of people willing to actively contribute once again and create something unique and exciting for Calgarians to enjoy.

Over the coming months and years you will see blogging going on by myself as well as by Hillary Doucette, Tasha Halvorson, Suzanne Tuckett and others.  My name is Kerry George. I am the Founder of LoyalU Communications & Marketing Inc. and the CEO for the Calgary and Cochrane Business Network. We are looking forward to bringing you new articles, fantastic contests, and a variety of cool specials just for Moms.

We would love to hear from you as well. If you have an article that you think would be great for the followers of Kids In Cowtown we would love to see it.  You can email us at with your blogs and also feel free to comment on our posts. You can also find Kids in cowtown on Facebook, as well as follow us on Twitter.

We have kept Danielle’s original post at the bottom of this page in honor of her contributions to this Mommy Blogger site. Wherever her name or the names of other contributors were posted we tried to keep those things intact so that our visitors can continue to benefit from their experiences and their wisdom. We have tried to simplify some of the categories  and we did remove some of the time sensitive articles to make room for new ones, but it was our desire to continue to enjoy the articles by those who came before us. We hope that you will take the time to look through them.

Looking forward to serving you,

Kerry and the team from Kids In Cowtown



by Danielle

I was not born and raised in Calgary.  I loved this city the day I got here but once I had kids I didn’t see the place the same way.  I felt lonely and isolated.  I didn’t know the best places to take the kids or which parks the locals preferred.  I had no idea how to find parenting groups or classes to pass the time.  I spent time picking up every copy of flyers, calendars and magazines related to Calgary and area.  I am always looking for something to do with the kids to keep sane!

I came across kids in the capital and loved what they had to offer.  I immediately started following them and wishing I lived in Ottawa to enjoy all the activities posted.  Why did we not have this here in Calgary?  That’s when I was encouraged by the founders to reach out and find parents & bloggers here who could share their  ideas.  So here I am.

If you are trying to find anything to do to pass the time with the kids between early morning starts, lunches, naps and bedtime, come along with us as we share the things we like to see and do.

Danielle is mom to a 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.


3 thoughts on “Kids In Cowtown – Our History And Our Team

  1. I am so excited to find this blog and all the contributor’s blogs as well. I was raised in Calgary, then moved away when I got married and have just moved back. I have done multiple google searches on mom and tot groups and have found a few things but never saw your site. I renewed my personal blog a few weeks ago with the intent of posting about my life and rediscovering Calgary with a baby. Then this afternoon retweeted you and I followed the link. I am looking forward to reading this blog on a regular basis . Thanks for posting!

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